Author Kole F Nunley

New Book "How to Make Serious Money as a Teenager" by Kole F Nunley Shows Teenagers How to Get Past Minimum Wage

New York - This week "How to Make Serious Money as a Teenager" by teenage author Kole F Nunley was released by as a Kindle ebook. The book is a teenage entrepreneur's guide to starting small businesses that can earn what adults would consider a full-time income. Available for download at

"Kids always think they have to clean up yards for $20 or work evenings frying fries for minimum wage, but the truth is there are plenty of teenagers who earn $20,000 to $40,000 a year running their own small business," said Kole Nunley, himself a 16 year-old high school student.

This is Nunley's second book. His first "How to Make Running Not Suck -- and Lose Weight" appeared last year.

"How to Make Serious Money as a Teenager" gives real life examples and useable tips for teenagers in choosing the right business, getting started, and staying the course until profits start to appear.

"One of the big problems for teenagers is they are usually full-time students, we have a social life, and running a business has to be serious and organized," Nunley said.

The book points out teenagers can easily turn their biggest interests and hobbies into a business that make money doing what is most rewarding. Rather than moving furniture and scrubbing sinks, a teenager can design mobile APPs, record rock bands, make industry videos, and a host of other high-skill services.

"Teenagers already have most of the education adults have, so there is no real reason why we have to settle for only the most basic jobs. We have the knowledge to be full participants in the economy," Nunley said.

Besides writing books, Nunley is a serious jazz trombonist who is a member of the All-State Honors Jazz Band. He previously starred in a television series broadcast in his local area. Nunley uses his busy life as evidence teenagers can take on many challenging activities and do them all well.

Kole Nunley can be found online at Twitter feeds related to the new book are @KoleNunley.